GolfStyles, Inc. has been in business for over 20 years providing over hundreds Golf Courses our tee signs at no cost! to the golf course.

We do all the selling and we do not believe in any fast-talking, hard closing selling techniques!

(PS: Be careful when picking a company to do your free golf course tee signs, with the advent of the internet, there are many companies out there offering “free golf course tee signs” without the experience GolfStyles has in getting the job done!. We have run into many golf courses who were promised “free granite tee signs” who had to wait months and months to get their “granite tee signs” and many who never received them at all. Many other golf courses only received a few granite tee signs and were left with many of their old tee signs!)

tees_web_2Better than those


Don’t be fooled into jumping on the bandwagon to get
Granite Golf Course
tee signs.

What happens when you want to make some changes to
your hole layouts or yardages?

Not very easy when you have granite tee signs!)

By the way, the sample picture of the golf course tee sign you are seeing does not do our tee signs justice. Our tee signs are super, super, brilliant with a glass like finish and they really stand out on your Golf Course! They are made of 1/2″ thick, super high gloss, acrylic material which is very durable and weather proof.


Labadie_Sample_WEBWe only allow one advertiser on each tee sign at a Golf Course, unlike many other advertising programs in the marketplace where your Company has to compete with many others to be seen. Our golf course tee signs are placed at eye level close to where the golfer makes their first “tee off shot”. The top portion of our golf course tee sign has information that the golfer needs to know to better make this tee off shot: hole layouts, yardages, par and hazards, which come into play on each hole. Golfers will look at our golf course tee signs for this information and your advertisement is placed directly underneath. Golf Courses average 25,000 – 50,000+ rounds of golf per year.


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